Customize Nike ID Roshe “Pendleton” Lit



A Full customization of the Roshe one you are able to customize from different mix materials such as wool, Cordura textile or worn leather for protection against the elements.Or add a pattern with Pendleton wool in grey, black or colorful prints. The colors included with the Pendleton design are Umatilla sold black, Umatilla Solid Grey, Pecos Turquoise, Pecos Multi, Big thunder greys, Big thunder multi, Coyote Butte greyscale, and Coyote Butte scarlet. You can customize it from the bottom to the top with various amounts of colors that you like.

When customizing the shoe its great for winters because the materials used to built the shoe is made from versatile winter materials that helps you keep dry and warmth. But also keeping the main frame of fashion which is style, being able to customize how you want and how you like. Personally that makes this one of my shoes to customize. The Nike Id Roshe One earns the medal of being lit! From all the benefits tied into the shoe how can you not stand to buy such shoes!


Curry 2’s All-stars staying LIT!



Curry 2’s All-Stars are going to be fire?

The curry 2’s All-stars dropped Saturday February, 13, 2016. This shoe is Stephen Curry’s second shoe this season that has dropped and this is his limited edition for the 2015-16 all-star edition. Representing the colors of white, gold and blue! They are a high top shoe which will give you the support you need. These colors are outstanding and looks great on court. This style can contrast on the court and out of the court with a great look and modern fashion. The expense of the shoe is at a good price while it is his second pair made with under armor. Most likely the prices will climb after he makes ┬ánumber of series with under armor.


Price of the shoe retailing for $129.99, and the shoe fitting is true to size. Overall it wins a title to be litkicks approved.